Embassy Event Services – At the end of the event

We take care of everything

Embassy Event Services (and its agents) will be in attendance to ensure that all the equipment (for both for organizers and exhibitors) is promptly collected form the hall or venue, each item is checked, and if necessary, re-packed or palletized (if required) for their return (or on forwarding to the next event ‼) – We always arrange prompt collection from your booth at any event and ensure that the equipment/exhibits are returned by the specified method (Air /Sea or Road freight) that you or your clients prefer.

If you or your clients require help on the final pack up at the end of the show – we can organize labour ( skilled and unskilled) at any event, however the costs of this service vary from venue to venue, so always try to book any labour requests well in advance!

On arrival back at origin (or at the next desired event) Embassy Event Services (or its agents ) will take care of

  • all customs formalities
  • pay relevant duties and taxes (if required) on your behalf
  • ensure the goods are delivered in a timely manner.

Whilst the event is taking place, our staff or our agents will arrange storage of all the packing cases (if required) during the event, and liaise with you to check your requirements at the close of the show.

We also offer long and short-term storage at our secure warehouse facility in all major cities, which is ideal for those who don’t have the capacity to store their own goods or if goods are required to be stored in between shows.


For more information contact mikebarrett@embassyfreight.co.uk or eventservices@embassyfreight.co.uk