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Embassy Event Services

Whether you are a first time exhibitor or an organizer of events globally – we know that all live events are immensely complex and can be difficult to organize – especially when they take place in some of the less organized world venues. Our local and global knowledge at such venues can be valuable to you – and your clients.

Our event staff (both in the UK and overseas) are able to handle any challenges that occur, to ensure that your exhibition needs are fully met.
Let Embassy Event Services take the logistical strain and leave you to promote your company in the knowledge that you and your clients exhibits will arrive at any event, on time and in budget.

Through our global office network, we are also able to contact you and your exhibitors at any time (day or night) to ensure that any logistical requirements are taken care off.
This includes any special equipment that may be needed on the exhibition site (such as cherry pickers, forklift hire, storage, labour or any specific materials you may require).
Our colleagues and overseas agents will normally be available 24-7 to help you to ensure a trouble free event for you and your clients


As a Specialist Event Freight agent – we are happy to make contact directly with exhibitors, leaving you, the Organizers, from the day to day concerns of individuals exhibitors and their specific logistical needs.
This is the strength of Embassy Event Services and our aim is to relieve you of the daily trials and tribulations of event logistics.

We ensure that each exhibitor and their exhibits arrive at the venue on time, safely and within budget.

Contact our Event & Exhibition Manager Mike Barrett at mikebarrett@embassyfreight.co.uk or eventservices@embassyfreight.co.uk.