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If speed and security are high on your agenda, then airfreight is the mode of choice. Embassy prides itself on being abler to offer a comprehensive portfolio of air products, designed around your specific needs. Our network of offices and dedicated partners span the globe and with total freedom on carrier choice, ensures we remain competitive for every kilo. With everything moving at a much faster pace, our integrated solutions combined with many years of experience in the field, are there to ensure your deadline is in safe hands. Rather than trying to mould your requirements to match our services, we take your requirements and mould the service, giving you a truly bespoke solution. From a simple airfreight to complex consignments requiring complete project management, we have a service that fits.

Around The World Daily

Be it either ‘port to port’ or ‘door-to-door’, we offer reliable guaranteed services to and from all major cities around the globe. With a full compliment of value added services and daily departures, we can handle your cargo and ensure swift onward clearance and delivery to your customers door any day of the week.

Main airports of the UK

The airports of the UK are:

  • Heathrow (main airport)
  • East Midlands
  • Stanstead
  • Manchester

UK Collection of Hazardous Freight – Minimise the Risks

Moving hazardous freight via UK transport networks can create risks to packaging that can ultimately result in freight being refused at airlines.

Moving loose carton shipments can result in dents to the cartons. This is enough to generate hazardous “snags” by airline handling warehouses. To avoid these “snags” it is appropriate that cartons for export shipments are over-packed and labelled accordingly. If over-packing is not possible, please consider securing the cartons to pallets and shrink wrap applied for secure transit.

Groupage  transport operators utilise their loads whereby freight is subject to stacking, reloading and offloading and moving on truck to secure loads. This carries the risk of dents to cartons if travelling as loose. Hazardous freight is subject to a high level of scrutiny which can lead to rejection by airlines for onward flight to your customers.

Cargo Screening

As a result of recent assessments undertaken by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), there are changes in the way regulated agents are expected to screen cargo for export by air.

Embassy Freight Services (UK) Limited : Cargo Acceptance Procedures:

  • We may be required to break down the pallet(s), crate(s) of every shipment that fails the initial x-ray screening method, to go through further security checks.
  • Dense cargo may be broken down into single layers or items if necessary to meet the new screening requirements.
  • Cargo will need to be re-packed, reassembled and rebuilt to original condition to enable us to arrange onward delivery to the airlines GHA .
  • Additional charges will apply on a job by job basis, to which we will contact you prior to proceeding with the above or charge as per our quotation.

We aim to keep any disruption to a minimum, but please allow additional time for us to be able to process your cargo in the correct way.

Embassy Freight Services (UK) Limited would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your continued support while we all adapt to these new changes.

For further advice or assistance please do not hesitate to contact our operations team on +44  (0) 208 897 9142

More information ?

Contact us for more information on airimports@embassyfreight.co.uk or airexports@embassyfreight.co.uk.




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