Container terminal

FCL (Full Container Load)

Full Container Load (FCL) – as the name implies, for those with larger amounts of cargo to ship, who can utilise the space of a full ‘ISO’ shipping container.  With FCL you have exclusive rights to the container and therefore, from packing at origin to devan at destination, the container will only ever contain your cargo.

Safe and Secure

With the payload only subjected to handling when loading/unloading and security sealed for the duration of the transit, this makes FCL one of the safest and most secure modes of sea transportation.  However, even if you don’t have enough cargo to fill the container entirely, FCL may still be the most cost effective option for your cargo.

The Right Equipment

To ensure your FCL container utilisation is as cost effective as it should be, you can view detailed information about the various types of shipping containers available, by simply clicking the link.  After checking should you still be uncertain, one of our trained staff would be more than willing to assist you in this regard. Please remember that with FCL, empty space is still chargeable whether you use it or not!

At Embassy we can offer a full range of FCL freight solutions, tailored to your needs all at competitive rates.

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