Embassy’s Defence team support UK manufacturers and contractors for the safe and legal shipment of Military & Law Enforcement cargoes such as Class 1 hazard pyrotechnics, explosives & ammunition. Certified for the transport of dangerous goods in accordance with ADR, IMO and IATA / FIATA.

Licensed by UK Home Office –  Section 5 UK Firearms Act

Embassy are licensed by the UK Home Office to move firearms and ammunition prohibited under section 5 of the Firearms Act 1968 (as amended).

A professional logistics service for products that demand experienced and highly trained teams to deliver without risk.

  • Time critical tracked movements to field and base
  • Packing to military specification
  • UK Home Office, UK Ministry of Defence & US Air Force compliance
  • Armed Escorts
  • Specialised truck and handling equipment
  • Customs Clearance


Secure storage facility for European Distribution

Bunker-facility located in a central location in Europe (Rheine, Germany), we have access to 24 bunkers in total. UK origin cargoes handled, stored awaiting final delivery / call off to base.

All the bunkers are fully licensed and equipped to store all types of Class 1 goods. With the unique ability to store up to a total of 197 tons of class 1.1. The bunkers vary in size, ranging from 40m2 offering 40 pallet place on the floor, up to 140 pallet places.

All bunkers are equipped according to security standards with.24/7/365 surveillance by security personnel. Live CCTV footage can be viewed remotely at any time. Up to 2000 kg 1.1 neq can be stored, and simultaneously worked for relabelling, refitting, repacking, technical and/or compliance investigation to seized goods.

Sensitive inventory handled with the greatest possible care by vetted, highly trained personnel and EXIII rated handling equipment.


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