UK airfreight 2

Dense cargo

UK airfreight 2

28 Nov 2019

In recent weeks the CAA have been inspecting a large volume of regulated agents & screening warehouses with many failing at the same point, density. Regulated Agents are screening cargo to for the detection of a prohibited article. The tolerances for screening cargo have been further reduced. This means cargo that would have recently passed x-ray screening will now be rejected and be subject to further screening methods.

The additional work for breakdown of cargo for the purposes of ETD’s now required, has meant that Regulated Agents have no choice but to increase screening costs. This also results in additional time to clear consignments as safe for flight.

All screening warehouses should not pass any item via X-Ray that is deemed to be too dense or cluttered. It may take longer to screen certain types of cargo but we know, as a company, Embassy are working in a secure and compliant way that will be able to protect the traveling public.

Shippers will need to be aware that their packing of dense cargoes will need to be reviewed in order to avoid secondary screening or rejected as unsecure.