New Customs System

7 Jul 2022

“The move from the current Customs system (CHIEF) to the Customs Declaration Service (CDS) is almost upon us. No doubt you have  received letters from HMRC over the last year warning of the change. HMRC have sent letters to all companies with an EORI number.

Please do make the time to read this news item with the link to HMRC added for you to understand and take action.  CDS will involve you in the process for declaring your import & export shipments to a greater extent than the system CDS replaces.

Our teams have already started training and testing shipments under CDS.  The way in which we declare your cargo is changing significantly with more data fields to complete than the current CHIEF system.

All import cargo must switch to CDS by the end of September 2022 with all export cargo to be declared on CDS by the end of March 2023.

One of the key issues is the authority to defer duty against your deferment account. The authority to use a deferment account must be made through your Government Gateway account. Without this authority, we cannot clear your import shipments. You will need to access the CDS Dashboard via your Government Gateway to then authorise Embassy to use your deferment. In addition, we need to know your Customs Comprehensive Guarantee Number (CCG) to state on the Customs Declaration. The CCG number is the guarantee for your deferment account.

The link to register and manage the account authorisations for Embassy to continue to declare your cargo to HMRC is detailed below.

You will need the following information:

  • Government Gateway ID and password
  • EORI number
  • UTR – Unique Tax reference
  • Address of your business held on customs records.
  • The date you started your business

Once you are set up you shall need to authorise us as your Customs broker to use your Deferment Account by giving us authority.”