Peak Season Surcharge

Peak Season Surcharge as per March 1st, 2020

Peak Season Surcharge

18 Feb 2020

The impact of the Corona virus on the logistics sector is becoming ever more tangible.

Because no cargo is currently being shipped from (and to) China, carriers have canceled a record number of sailings in the coming weeks. This not only applies to services to and from the Far East, but blank sailings have also been announced to and from the Middle East, Indian Sub-continent, Australia and New Zealand.

Due to this large shortage of ship space, a Peak Season surcharge will be introduced on March 1st. The amount of the surcharge differs per carrier and applies to shipments to and from the Middle and Far East, Australia, New Zealand, and the Indian Sub-continent.

In addition to the very limited shipping space, air cargo capacity to and from China is also very scarce, resulting in rate increases of up to 600%.

We strongly recommend that you take the above into account and inform us of your schedule in time.