Big Data

Track & Trace

Looking for a clear overview of all your current shipments? With our renewed Track & Trace module (Version 2.0), you can easily follow your shipment to its destination. You will find detailed information here, such as all available documentation concerning your shipments.

From the moment you book your order, you will be able to follow your shipment by using your personal login code. All current orders can be found online in an up-to-date overview.


  • Real time status of all your shipments (24/7).
  • All relevant available documentation such as packing lists, commercial invoices and Bills of Lading can be viewed and downloaded.
  • Track and Trace is available for both sea freight and air freight shipments as well as for road transports.
  • For Track and Trace only an internet connection is needed.
  • Track and Trace is web-based, so always available on your smartphone, PC, laptop, iPad and smartTV.
  • No prior registration or installation is required (you only need to request a personal login code).
  • Data can be exported to Excel.
  • Our Track and Trace service is completely free of charge.
  • You can log on to multiple sessions at the same time so that the information is available on different devices.
  • Our new Track & Trace is still under development, we will keep you informed of new features as they are added.

Request access
You can request a login code to our renewed Track and Trace system (Version 2.0) via the ‘Request login code’ button on the right-hand side of the page.