LCL (Less than Container Load)

Less Than Container Load – this is for you, when you don’t have enough cargo to fill a full container entirely of your cargo.

Your cargo will be loaded in one of our dedicated consolidation containers, which when combined with cargo for other parties is shipped as a full load.  Being able to ship goods when ready without having to wait to fill a full container, can only be good news for your supply chain and keeps everything moving on schedule.

Door to Door

Using our extensive network, we can offer you LCL options to and from all major ports and when combined with our portfolio of additional services, gives you a total ‘door to door’ freight solution.  LCL give you a cost effective option, while offering the same frequency, reliability and routing as FCL.


Weight/Measure is a method applied to quoting and calculating LCL ocean freight rates. This was devised to overcome the difference between volume cargo (measurement) and weight cargo. For example one cubic metre of lead, weighs considerably  more than one cubic metre of feathers. Alternatively a 1000 kilos of feathers, takes up far more space than a 1000 kilos of lead. Therefore, in order to ensure a principled charging mechanism for freight calculations is applied, conversion ratios such as weight/measure were introduced.

For LCL ocean freight, standard practice assumes that one metric ton (1000 kilos) of weight, would be equivalent to one cubic metre (m3) of volume and whichever being the greater, would be used to calculate the freight charged. With FCL you are charged for the whole container, so whether you load it with 1 kilo of cargo or 10,000 kilos, the weight/measure ratio would not be applied.

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