Embassy Freight Services UK eCommerce warehouse

eCommerce warehouse Heathrow

Specifications of our eCommerce warehouse:

  • 10 Minutes from London Heathrow Airport.
  • Fast Access to All Major UK Highways.
  • Late Close out for FBM.
  • Quick recovery from LHR for Same Day Delivery/Dispatch.
  • Fast Access from Southampton Port for reduced landside costs.
  • 1 hour from London unpack depots.
  • 12,000 ft2 / 1115m2 Facility.


  • Former Airline Security Approved Facility.
  • 360° CCTV, zero blind spot.
  • Fully Alarmed.
  • Anti Ram Raid.
  • Restricted Access, Forb controlled, multilevel permissions.
  • Camouflaged identity when closed.

Look up more information about PO BOX, FBA, VAT compliance and fulfilment or e-mail your question to eCommerce@embassyfreight.co.uk