ACI Filing and eManifest Canada

6 Dec 2017

Advance Commercial Information

For security reasons, Canadian customs demand to know the ship’s manifest, including all commodities, 24 hours prior to vessel departure from the port of Loading. This filing is called ACI filing, which stands for Advance Commercial Information.

The ACI requires carriers to electronically transmit marine cargo data to the CBSA, 2 days prior to loading the cargo at a foreign port. The data has to be supplied by the shipper.

The ACI-initiative was implemented by the CBSA, Canada Border Services Agency, in April 2004.

eManifest or Electronic Manifest

Besides the ACI filing, another filing is required. eManifest or Electronic Manifest, requires Canadian freight forwarders, importers or their brokers to electronically transmit the cargo data to the CBSA prior to arrival of the shipment. This applies to all modes of transportation: sea, air, road and rail transport. For every modality, the CBSA prescribed a specific time frame within which the declaration has to be done.

This will be mandatory as per January 1, 2018 but was already implemented in November 2016.

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