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China: Advanced Manifest System

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15 May 2018

AMS Filing

The Advanced Manifest System (AMS Filing) applies to shipping to or via China (Hong Kong excepted) and applies to all cargo being imported, as well as cargo transshipped via China.

24 hours prior to departure

AMS Filing requires carriers and NVOCC’s to electronically file details of all cargo on any vessel intended to sail for or via China, 24 hours prior to departure from the origin port, or Port of Loading. If this deadline is not met, cargo cannot be unloaded from this vessel without express permission from the Chinese customs authorities.

As from 1st June

As from 1st June 2018, the TAX ID number of both the Shipper and Consignee must be mentioned on the manifest. If a ‘to order’ Bill of Lading is drawn up, the TAX ID number of the Notify party must be specified.
Both numbers are required by Chinese Customs and must be provided by the booking party when submitting B/L instructions.

Complete instructions

In order to meet the requirements of Chinese customs, it is important that we have the complete B/L- instructions in our possession on time. These instructions must contain the following information:

  • TAX ID of Shipper and Consignee (Mandatory as per June 1st, 2018)
  • Voyage number
  • Vessel name
  • B/L number
  • POL, POD
  • Payment method for transport charges (prepaid or collect)
  • Total number of packages
  • Type of package
  • Total gross weight of cargo
  • Measurement of cargo
  • Contract and carriage conditions, for example, CY/CY
  • Name, Street and number or P.O. Box of Shipper, Consignee, and Notify Party
  • Contact person name, and contact number for dangerous cargo
  • Container number
  • Container size, type, supplier party, fullness (full/consol/empty)
  • Seal number
  • Number of packages per commodity item
  • Brief cargo description
  • Gross weight per commodity item
  • UN number for dangerous cargo
  • Marks and numbers

More information about China ?

Take a look at our country page about China (under practical info) with extra information about required transport documents for export and import China.