eCommerce Warehouse

27 Nov 2017

London Heathrow Airport

Within less than one month of Embassy UK opening their first dedicated eCommerce Warehouse, they have secured the business of the Israel Cycling Academy. The global fulfilment has now been transferred to the UK , specifically to take advantage of what Embassy UK can offer.

Embassy Freight UK Commercial Director

UK Commercial Director, Mark Hall commented, “What we have to offer, is leading the market. We are able to offer customers complete visibility and that is also provided to the consumer.
As the order is processed on the ICA Website, the sale is linked to our WMS and the pick note, packing list and invoice are instantly produced for us to action. Once packed, it is assigned, scanned and tracking is continued with the FMD company”.
Hall continued, “We are giving smaller companies the opportunity to concentrate on their procurement and sales while we partner them with CS, stock management, fulfilment and delivery” Embassy UK have attracted a great deal of interest in this sector, since their opening and also have an MOU in place with a global brand on a pilot for a new product, which if successful will treble the size of this first warehouse for this product alone.
Hall commented “This customer found us, through recommendation, for we have the understanding, the tools and the capability. If the pilot is successful, scalability is there and the customer liked very much what they saw not only today but the potential of tomorrow also. They were particularly interested in the value we can add to this, which was a lot more than they ever expected.”

More information about eCommerce ?

Don’t hesitate to contact Embassy Freight UK Commercial Director, Mark Hall via for all your questions regarding eCommerce.