Stricter fumigation requirements to protect Australia and New Zealand from Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB)


6 Aug 2019

The Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources and the New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industry have issued guidelines and instructions to prevent ‘Brown Marmorated Stink Bug’ (BMSB) infestations.

The requirements apply in the period from September 1st, 2019 up to May 31st, 2020.

This stink bug can cause considerable damage to trees, crops and fruit. To prevent this, strict requirements are being introduced. A list has been comprised of goods and products which require  treatment against the insect.

The list includes, but is not limited to:

  • Vehicles, machinery and equipment
  • Bricks, ceramics, steel, stone, cement and tiles
  • Chemicals, minerals and fertilizers
  • Wood pulp, printed matter, straw, cardboard and paper
  • Plastics, wadding and tyres

As of September 1st, 2019, a few countries will be added to the list, including The Netherlands and Belgium.

The measure applies to exports from the following countries:

  • USA & Canada
  • Russia
  • Georgia, Serbia, Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovakia and Turkey
  • Japan
  • The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Andorra

In addition, all breakbulk, Open Top and Flatrack containers from these countries must be treated.

Both fumigation and heat treatment methods can be used to control this bug.

More information can be found on the website of the Australian Government